By Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Associates LLC
August 23, 2017
Category: Foot Condition
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Hammertoe is an uncomfortable, sometimes debilitating condition that affects your second, third or fourth toes. The toe joint begins toHammertoe bend, causing your toe to look like a hammer. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for hammertoes. Dr. Howard Abramsohn at Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Associates in Moorestown, New Jersey, wants to share the facts about hammertoe causes and treatment.

One of the common causes of hammertoe is wearing tight, poorly-fitting shoes that cramp your toes. The pressure of your toes being jammed together can cause one or more toes to become deformed over time.

You can also develop hammertoe from an imbalance of your muscles and tendons. When your toes are bent, they may not straighten out correctly due to problems with your muscles. Your toes may remain in a bad position until the muscles are tightened permanently.

You can do a lot to prevent hammertoes, so remember to:

  • Wear shoes with ample toe room. Shoes shouldn’t bend or crowd your toes. Sandals are an excellent choice.
  • Do toe exercises to keep your toes flexible. You can try stretching your toes with your fingers or try picking objects off of the floor with your toes.
  • You may have hammertoes if you notice corns, calluses or thickened tissue developing on top of your toe around the middle toe joint. The abnormal growths can make it difficult to wear shoes.

If you think you might have hammertoe, there are some easy home therapies you can try to get relief. According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, you can try:

  • Placing callus pads or corn cushions on your toes
  • Taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications

If you have hammertoe, it’s best to seek out the help of an expert like Dr. Abramsohn. To help you get relief from hammertoe, he may suggest:

  • Injections of corticosteroids around the area to reduce swelling
  • Custom-fit orthotics to correct a tendon/muscle imbalance
  • Wearing a toe splint to straighten your toe
  • Surgical therapy for severe cases that don’t respond to conservative treatment

Hammertoe can affect your ability to walk, so don’t ignore it. Instead, get some help by calling Dr. Howard Abramsohn at Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Associates in Moorestown, New Jersey. Don’t wait, call today!