By Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Associates LLC
July 13, 2018
Category: Foot Condition
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Find out the best strategies for taking care of your bunions for the long term.Bunions

Are you dealing with a bunion that sometimes acts up and causes you pain and discomfort? If so, you’re in luck. There are simple habits you can adopt each and everyday to keep bunion pain at bay, while also preventing the condition from getting worse. From the office of our Moorestown, NJ, podiatrist Dr. Howard Abramsohn, here are some simple solutions for treating your bunion.

Wear Properly Fitted Shoes

While this might seem like an obvious tip you wouldn’t believe how many people wear shoes that don’t fit their feet properly or provide the ample support they need. If shoes put too much pressure on the bunion or cause your toes to bunch up then these shoes need to be thrown out and replaced with ones that allow you to move and wiggle your toes around. Also, look for shoes that provide ample support and cushioning to reduce shock absorption on the bunion when walking or exercising.

Splint Your Foot

At night, you may want to turn to splinting to realign the big toe to reduce pain and inflammation. Not only will it reduce symptoms but also it will take pressure off of the bunion by correcting the foot deformity. There are a variety of different bunion splints on the market so talk to your Moorestown, NJ, foot doctor to find out which splint might be right for you.


If your symptoms are severe and make it impossible to move around without pain, or if your symptoms aren’t responding to these at-home treatment options then the only option may be surgery to correct the deformity. While surgery is the only way to repair the problem it should only be considered if all other treatment options have failed.

Are you experiencing severe or persistent foot pain? Do you think you might have a bunion? If so, you want foot experts that will be able to successfully tackle this issue. Call Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Associates in Moorestown, NJ, today.